Author Mark Zimmerman presented his new book, “Iron Maidens and the Devil’s Daughters,”
at two events in December 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. See the Events page for details.

Iron Maidens and the Devil's Daughters


Gunboats versus cavalry? Preposterous! Not so fast. This unique form of Civil War combat is covered extensively for the first time in this new 184-page book. Through the use of period photographs and more than a dozen original battle maps, the author details the clashes between Federal gunboats, including ironclads, and Confederate cavalry on the twin rivers of invasion into the heartland. Chapters cover the naval battles at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson and the remarkable and daring Phelps Raid; the capture of Clarksville and Nashville; the little-known first battle of Shiloh; the strange Duck River Affair; Federal counterinsurgency measures; convoy operations; and the raids of 1864 by N.B. Forrest, including Eastport, Paris Landing, Reynoldsburg Island, Johnsonville, and Bell's Bend.  GO TO THE IMDD PAGE.

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Publisher’s Note: All three Zimco Publications LLC books—Guide to Civil War Nashville; God, Guns, Guitars & Whiskey; and Gone Under—are updated and expanded 2nd editions. Guide to Civil War Nashville was first published in 2004 by the Battle of Nashville Preservation Society, which still sells the first edition. The other two books were originally published in 2012 by Shagbark Publishing, which is now defunct. Of course, all the books are also resold by third-party vendors.


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