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Mud, Blood & Cold Steel


Mud, Blood & Cold Steel takes a fresh look, for the first time with campaign and battle maps, at the unprecedented and brutal pursuit of the Army of Tennessee by Federal troops following the decisive Battle of Nashville. The non-stop action begins at Compton’s Hill and surges 120 miles in ten days over rugged terrain and in horrendous winter conditions to the final showdown between Wilson’s blueclad troopers and Forrest’s stubborn rearguard.  GO TO THE MBCS PAGE.

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Publisher’s Note: Three Zimco Publications LLC books—Guide to Civil War Nashville; God, Guns, Guitars & Whiskey; and Gone Under—are updated and expanded 2nd editions. Guide to Civil War Nashville was first published in 2004 by the Battle of Nashville Preservation Society, which still sells the first edition. The other two books were originally published in 2012 by Shagbark Publishing, which is now defunct.



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