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Pub Date: February 1, 2021

ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9858692-9-8

Retail Price: $19.95

Pages: 296

Chapters: 49 plus Introduction

Photos: 87

Paperback, 6x9, B&W with color cover


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Take a journey through Boomer space and time into dimensions of history and nostalgia stretching from Oshkosh to Olustee, the River Raisin to the crypt of civilization, from prehistoric dark-zone caves to the voids of cosmic consciousness. Welcome to the world of sock monkeys, skydiving Santas, Nazi saboteurs, the Shadow, knife-fighters and bushwhackers, assassins and executioners, curmudgeons and high rollers, atomic doomsday machines and merchants of death, TV sitcoms and aerospace simulations, war games and petty feuds, minor wars and desperate battles, fantastic feats of strength and incredible endeavors. Once inside, be warned, you have entered The Zone.

Perhaps the best way to describe The Zone is to view the Table of Contents below (or PDF):

Overtime on the Frozen Tundra: Strangest NFL Game Ever

BOOM Town: Largest Gunpowder Plant in World Goes Up in Smoke

The Life and Times of Dr. Robert Hartley, PhD

To Infinity and Beyond: AEDC-Cold War Aerospace Testing Grounds

The Flying Crowbar and Other Nuclear-Powered Aircraft

Decisions, Decisions

Getting High and Staying There

State Capitol - Temple of Democracy

Nazi Saboteurs and the Fountain of Youth

Ironclad River Gunboats Battle Confederate Horse Cavalry

Watching Atomic Bomb Blasts from the Vegas Strip, Baby

Rockford: Sock Monkeys, Suicide, the Mafia, and Santa Claus

When Duke Lost the Rose Duke Stadium

Roadside Attraction: Space Shuttle Fuel Tank...Stranded

War Games Deadly But Saved Countless Lives

Building the Bomb: Clinton Engineer Works

Nineteen Fifty Sixty

Who’s Who? Know Your Composers, Explorers, Gangsters, Painters

Peaceful Succession of American Power

The Kings of Curmudgeon

Our Universe: Really Big and Full of Nothing

Oshkosh: The Wild Blue Yonder and the Flat Black Ice

More Civilized and Humane Methods of Executing the Condemned

The History of Rock ’n Roll

Hendrix vs. Jones: Nashville’s Vibrant R&B Scene

The Lonesome Highway

General Jackson’s Iron Balls

Welcome to the Body Farm

Having a Ball with Spheres

Men Behaving Badly —

Carmack Whacked: Martyr of Political Assassination

Murder During Wartime: Three Generals Slain With Impunity

Sevier vs. Tipton Feud: Battle of the Lost State of Franklin

The Black Patch War: Possum Hunters vs. Hillbillies

The Coal Creek War: Free Miners vs. National Guard

The Hoo Doo War: Vigilantism Turns To Vengeful Range Warfare

The War of the Regulation: Foreshadow of the Revolution

Remember the Raisin! Battle of River Raisin and Massacre

Fort Sanders: Knoxville Campaign Ends with Debacle

The Wabash: Greatest Indian Victory Over U.S. Army

Scoundrels, Bushwhackers, and Partisan Rangers

Vincennes: Historic Old Town on the Wabash

Saturn V: The Most Powerful Machine On or Off Earth

Las Vegas: Where Everything is Too Much But Never Enough

Evansville: WWII Arsenal of Democracy

Utopian Dreams: Heaven Can Wait

The Shadow Knows!

Muncie, Indiana

Sycamore Shoals: Kings Mountain and the Great Leap Westward

The Gridiron General

The Great Humanitarian Blamed for the Great Depression

Olustee: The Sunshine State’s Civil War Battlefield

The Deep Zone and Other Regions of the Underworld

The ’60s a-Go-Go! A Concise History

H.R. Gross: The Congressman Who Didn’t Want to Spend Money

Where Are They Now? Historic Ships, Aircraft & Spacecraft

Four Top Ten Boomer Rankings

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