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What am I reading now?

Updated: May 6, 2019

Too many books, not enough time.

Right now, I am researching the air war over Vietnam, 1964-73, by reading the excellent books from Osprey on that subject matter in their Duel and Air campaign series. The booklets focus on the Rolling Thunder and Linebacker operations and the dogfights between North Vietnamese MiGs and the F-105 Thunderchief, the F-8 Crusader, and the F-4 Phantom II. I just finished reading the new autobiography, Top Gun, by Dan Pedersen, the founder of that naval aviation jet-fighter pilot training program. Lot of interesting information in that book, for sure.

Next, I’ll be reading the new book, Dragon’s Jaw, by Stephen Coonts and Barrett Tillman, about the struggle to bring down the Thanh Hoa bridge, a vital transportation link in North Vietnam.

In anticipation of my road trip to Chickamauga, I am boning up on the action at Horseshoe Ridge by reviewing This Terrible Sound by Peter Cozzens (enjoyed his comprehensive book on the Indian Wars a couple years ago). I’ll be reading Timothy B. Smith’s book on the battles at Corinth, Mississippi in anticipation of planned trip there next spring.

At some point, I hope to read Max Hastings’ new history of the Vietnam conflict, which I hope is an update on Stanley Karnow’s excellent history. Sometime in the future, I’ll tackle the promising and thick biographies of two of America’s most controversial military leaders—William T. Sherman by James Lee McDonough and Douglas MacArthur by Arthur Herman. I’m also looking forward to the first volume in Rick Atkinson’s trilogy on the American Revolution and David McCullough’s history of the settling of the Northwest Territory (both due May 14th). And I’ll still be anticipating Ian Toll’s final volume in his trilogy of the Pacific Theater in World War Two. Almost forgot—still need to read Antony Beevor’s book on the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge).

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